In 1981 she earns her diploma from the University of ELTE, Faculty of Arts, department of Hungarian and Pedagogy. She gains professional experience in the dramaturgy department of the youth section at the Hungarian Radio. In 1981-82 she completes an appenticeship at the Hungarian Radio as an editor and reporter.
has, since then, been working more or less continuously as a contributor for the Hungarian Radio. From 1983 to 1991 she was a contributor, then a columnist for the "CRITIQUE" named journal.
Since then she edits the columns in the cultural sections for the "SUNDAY NEWS" and " FIRST HAND" iweekly journals, and from 1992 to 1995, editor for the "HUNGARIAN THEATRE HISTORY AND WORLD THEATRE INSTITUTE" journal. Since 1994 she is editor for the "HUNGARIAN NATIONAL FILM ARCHIVE" publication (FILM CULTURE, FILM SPIRAL etc.), and since 2000 is editor for the "CONSCIOUSNESS" , a sociological journal. 1992 she founds, and is presently editor-in-chief of "CRITICAL PAGES", a theatre and art critique journal. 
1979 she regularly publishes drama and literature critiques, novel and theatre notes, interviews, etc., besides which she also creates radio and television shows. In 1997 she was on the board of directors, and as of 1999, is president of the Drama ritic's Guild. Since 2002, she is the cultural advisor for the " Hungarian Theatres Abroad Festival " in Kisvárda.


Selected radio, television and film work:









BOOK NOTES - Hungarian Radio

THEATRE SCHOOL - theatrical series for children i(editor and presenter), Hungarian Radio 

THEATRE LIFE - Theatre program (co-editor with Katalin Kállai and Zoltán Kamondi respectively), Duna Television

Works with director Zoltán Kamondi:

HUNGARIAN SPECKLED ... (documentary) - editor, associate director THE ALCHEMIST AND THE VIRGIN (feature film) - dramaturgical consultant
(feature film) - dramaturgical consultant