Zoltán Verebes aka Pater Sparrow

01.17.1978 Budapest

since 2004. Honeymood Films

- 2005. co-Director of RECYCLE visual theatre play in TRAFÓ contemporary art house Budapest

- 2005. Screewriter of '1' feature script based on 'One Human Minute' short story by Stanislaw Lem

- 2004. Screenwriter of HEARTSNATCHER feature script based on
the short story - L'arrache-coeur - by Boris Vian.

- 2003.may-august. - art department assistant to Luciana Arrighi academy award production designer and Ian Whittaker academy award set decorator in BEING JULIA director: István Szabó, Producer: Robert Lantos, Dp: Lajos Koltai, Cast: Jeremy Irons, Anette Bening, Michael Gambon, Juliana Stevenson

- 2003.march. - graduation in London Film School as an MA film director with destingtion of production design.

- 2002.december. - graduation film:

writer/director/designer in T?ICK '24 35mm color
LFS - Best Film Of The Year 2003
Producer: Pater Sparrow and Arriane Lippens, Dp: Mátyás Erdély, Cast: Attila Tóth, Edit Balázsovits

- dissertation: non narrative film theories

- 2000 - 2003. LFS projects

- production designer in EVERGREEN 35mm color
Director: Patricia Radoi, Producer: Cloe Gagliardini, Dp: Christiana Iokamidi

- focus puller in VIRGIN 35mm color
Director: Naoko Tajima, Producer: Juliano Riberio, Dp: Segan Lee

- writer/director and production designer in LIMIT 35m b/w
Producer: Peter Herz and Richard Bussetil Dp: Richard Bussetil

- camera operator in HABIBATI 16mm color
Director: Salwa Sami Ba’arma Producer: Richard Bussetil Dp: Alex Waldman

- director of photography in MEANTIME 16mm color
Director: Pablo Benedetti, Producer: Salwa Sami Ba'arma

- director/production designer/editor in SENSE 16mm color
Dp: Richard Bussetil

- producer in ELECTRIC LIBRE 35mm color
LFS - Best Documentary Film of the Year 2002
Director: Richard Bussetil Dp: Rouwen Dawson

- director of photography in HOPSCOTCH 16mm b/w
Director: Salwa Sami Ba'arma, Producer: Stephane Ho

LFS studies:

directing,screenwritening,art direction,editing

LFS facults:

cinematography,filmhistory,acting,production,sound design

LFS theachers:

John Roberts, Alain Berstein, Ben Gibson, Mike Leigh, Brian Dunigham, Hugh Newhsam, Dr.Berry Salt

LFS contact teachers:

Freddy Francis, Tak Fujimoto,

JOBS in Hungary 1996 - 2000:

- FMS. - assistant to the director in THE ALCHEMIST AND THE VIRGIN
Director: Zoltán Kamondi, Producer: Károly Makk, Jolán Árvai, Judith Schmidt, Cast: Marius Bonasewsky, Danuta Saflarska, Eszter Ónodi

- MTV - drafter, 1st AD

- Z+TV - creative director


- ROXER - shooting manager


- OPEN MAGAZINE - jurnalist

- TILOS RADIO - presenter


END AND END IMAGE - independent art department - founder and creative director


- 1999 - director/producer in THE SOMETHING video/color
Dp: Tamás Racsek, Cast: Bence Máté
Nominated: in competition at 30th Hungarian Film Week
Lisboa Film Festival

- 1999 - director/D.O.P in THE GIRLS ARE ANGELS - video/color
sketch project with hungarian indepent filmmakers

- 1999 - director in FROZEN video/color
episode for a tale series in Duna Television
Dp: Mihály Miklós, Producer: Márta Barta

- 1998 - director in WITHOUT WITH '24 video/b&w
Dp: Tamás Racsek, Cast: Bence Máté, Róza Györffy
Nominated: in competition at 29th Hungarian Film Week
Award winner at 29th Hungarian Independent Film Festival in the best film chategory.

1997 - 1993 - writer/director in AUDIENCE OF MONUMENT alternative theater company: director/writer in NEARLY NOTHING, director/writer in BAD HABBITS, director and designer in FRONTLINE, director in JACQUE OR THE SUBMISSION


creator/producer in THE REAL LETTER EXHIBITION 'the space closed in envelops'
visual installation
Budapest - Odeon Art Gallery

creator/producer in TO BE IS NOT TO BE
visual installation
London - Ab-Normal Gallery

creator/producer for many other endandend project