Honeymood Creative Workshop (Honeymood Alkotó Közösség), HAK, has been set up within the framework of HONEYMOOD FILMS:

HAK is run on independent funds whose productions are managed and produced by Honeymood Films Ltd.

Delegate producer and creative head of HAK:

Zoltán Kamondi

Delegate executive producer and head of finance, economy and production of HAK:

András Tóth


- to select works and filmmakers for HAK, thus determining the creative environment
- to help the developing of synopses, film projects and screenplays, providing story editing advice
- to decide on which competitions to enter which provide funding for screenplays, if necessary by finding partners

- to invite directors to work on accepted scripts, make detailed film projects and financing strategies and draw up budgets and feasibility plans

- to look for Hungarian and foreign partners and set up a creative team (DP, designers, heads of department...)

- to take care of the post production, participations in festivals, promotions of the films

HAK works with a permanent dramaturgic council that holds meetings every two weeks.

The Dramaturgic Council (DT):

- accepts the film plans, synopsises, scripts, projects
- accepts the finalised crew list, cast and creative elements (set and costume designs,
locations, SFX, director's concept...) of undertaken films

- decides on the starting of film shoots, keeps track of the shooting and later of the editing of
the film and supports the filmmakers in their work period

- accepts the final edited material and together with the director, works out the strategy for
the film's distribution, promotion and participation in festivals

HAK has won the following grants:

MMK screenplay writing competition(2003)
MMK preparation competition(2004)
Mediaplus Slate Funding(2004)

MMK preparation Fund(2006)