Erika Gadus, costume designer

Erika Gadus was born in Kosice, Slovakia. She completed her secondary studies in her birthplace at the Secondary School of Fine Arts (photographers’ class) and in 1997 graduated as costume and stage designer at the Academy of Arts and Drama in Bratislava. After her studies she spent 5 years at the Thália Theatre in Kosice. Since then she has worked in several countries, at many theatres, with various groups and in different workshops.

Selected works:

1997 W. Gombrovicz: YVONNE, THE PRINCESS OF BURGUNDY, stage and costumes
director: S. Korenci, Thália Theatre, Kosice, Slovakia

2002 P. Shaffer: AMADEUS, stage and costumes
director: József Czajlik, Jókai Theatre, Komárom

2002 M. Ghelderode: RED MAGIC, stage
director: R. Bobek, Theatre at Celetné, Prague

2003 T. Slobodzianek: ILIA THE PROPHET, stage
director: József Czajlik, Bárka Theatre, Budapest

2003 Sarah Kane: 4.48 PSYCHOSIS, stage and costumes
director: Adina Lévay, Merlin Theatre, Budapest

2004 Dezso Szomory: JOSEPH II, costumes
Director: István Verebes, Jókai Theatre, Komárom

2005 István Verebes: WAITING, stage and costumes
director: István Verebes, Hungarian National Theatre, Budapest

2006 Visnjec: THE STORY OF COMMUNISM TOLD TO THE INSANES stage and costumes
director: József Czajlik, Kalis, Poland

A FOLLOWING ACT (shortfilm) stage and costumes
director: Mátyás Prikler: