company profile and history

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The decision to establish the HONEYMOOD FILMS Production and Service Company Ltd. came about at the end of 2001. The main incentive was to create a workshop that would be able to primarily manage the production of Hungarian art films as well as international co-productions within a short period of time.

The company's range of activity
Managing, developing, realizing and producing quality feature film scripts, projects and feature films, setting up international co-productions, managing international grants (Eurimages, Media Programs, etc).

The company also provides the following services for producing international films
- Directing assistance and casting
- Locations
- Set design, costume design
- Photography and lighting
- SFX, make-up and special effects make-up
- Sound design, music composition, orchestration, recording and mixing
- Film and sound editing
- Complete production management

Films produced to date

Our first assignment was Zoltán Kamondi's feature film 'TEMPTATIONS'. The film achieved success both in Hungary and abroad. It was purchased for cinema distribution in Germany, Australia and Israel. It has so far been shown at film festivals in 28 different countries.

feature film, 97 min

Total budget: 880.000 €
Coproduced by: Nextreme Film, Humán Média 2000, Fininvest Kft.
Supported by: Hungarian Motion Picture Public, Foundation, MTV, TV2, ORTT

written and directed by Zoltán Kamondi
produced by György Budai
director of photography Gábor Medvigy
art director György Árvai and Gábor Valcz
music by László Melis

Anna brings up her son Marci on her own. Everyone predicts a great future for him, but he isn't interested in his career. He is desperate to find his unknown father and his place in the world. What sort of life should he lead? Should he relax in Anna's loving devotion? Should he give in to the lure of Elvira, who shows him the sensual side of life? Should he be a criminal breaking codes at banks? Should he follow the example of his father, Tibor? An alcoholic, a wasted talent who has preserved his sense of freedom, but has never achieved anything.
Or should he find himself in the love of the ten year old gypsy girl with mysterious talent, Juli? Will the unselfish, deep and pure feelings of this girl resolve his life? Juli accepts with unquestionable devotion and humility that she belongs to Marci - however, he is incapable of identifying with this archaic role and this proves to be fatal...

52nd Berlin International Film Festival
Golden Bear Nominee
European Film Academy
Officially selected to compete for the Best
European Film
33rd Hungarian Film Week, Budapest
Best Director
Best Cinematographer
Best Actor
'Love is Folly' Bulgarian International Film Festival -Varna
Jury's Special Prize for its excellent cinematic
23rd International Camera Festival Manuki Brothers -Macedonia
Bronze Camera
The 8th Pyongyang International Film Festival - North
Pyongyang International Film Festival, North- Korea
Best Cinematography

Tv essay film, 27 min
Total Budget: 35.500 €
Co-produced by: MTV Rt , ORTT
adapted by Ildikó Kóródi
directed by Ibolya Fekete
producer András Tóth
director of photography: Mátyás Erdély

DOLINA (2007)
feature film, 125 min

Total budget: 4.197.000 €
Co-produced by: MediaPro Pictures, DUNA Television,
Supported by Foundation of Hungarian Historical Motion Picture, National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation, ERSTE Bank Hungary, CNC Romania, EURIMAGES

written by Ádám Bodor, Zoltán Kamondi
directed and produced by Zoltán Kamondi
director of photography Gábor Medvigy
art director György Árvai
music by László Melis

Gabriel Ventuza, lives the peacful life of a herbalist, growing and cultivating medical herbs in Italy. One day he receives an order from his older brother who is just out of prison for one day. Gabriel should go to the remote little town of Bogdanski Dolina in Far-Eastern Europe, the place of their childhood and take out the mortal remains of their father, the late people smuggler, the famous Victor Ventuza. Gabriel leaves his "eventless" life behind and goes to accomplish his mission. He is robbed on the way, his belongings, passport, money and even his clothes are stolen and finds himself in a small closed town surrounded by hills of stinking toxic waste, where strange priests rule and fear keeps people quiet, producing a general atmosphere of insecurity. The film is a surreal vision of the insecure transition times after the political system changed in Eastern Europe, showing how a harmless  Western petit bourgeois changes into a cruel Eastern people smuggler without scruples.


38th Hungarian Film Week
Best artistic contribution to the Director, DOP, Set Designer and Costume Designers
42nd Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (Czech Republic)
Chrystal Globe Nominee
28th International Cinematographer's Film Festival "Manaki Brothers" –Macedonia
Special diploma to Dolina for the Cinematographer Gabor Medvigy  " for creating its own unique world through the originality of its visual compositions, especially using the production design and original locations to compliment the fantasy of the director. " 

Hungarian Film Critics' Choice 2008     
Best cinematographer Gábor Medvigy for Dolina and Fragment
Moziháló 2008 –Hungary
Best Film Website of the Year
Fantasporto International Film Festival 2008 –Portugal
Best cinematographer Gábor Medvigy for Dolina
Tiburon International Film Festival 2008 – USA
Golden Reel Award, Best Director: Zoltán Kamondi
International Film Festival Syracuse 2008 –               New York
Best cinematographer: Gábor Medvigy, and a
Jury’s  prize for outstanding production design, art direction & costumes

feature film, 91 min

Total budget: 700.000 €
Co-produced by: Cameofilm, Ozumi Films, Laokoon Films, Moviebar Productions, Visionteam
Supported by National Cultural Fund of Hungary, Hungarian Motion Picture Public Foundation
ERSTE Bank Hungary, Szerencsejáték Rt, Polish Film Institute, Vegyépszer Rt, MTV Rt

written by Stanislaw Lem
adapted by Zoltán Verebes, Judit Góczán
to be directed by Zoltán Verebes
producer Zoltán Kamondi

A bookshop renowned for its rare works is mysteriously and completely filled with copies of a book entitled 1, which doesn't appear to have a publisher or author. The strange almanac describes what happens to the whole of humanity in the space of a minute. A police investigation begins and the bookshop staff is placed in solitary confinement by the Bureau for Paranormal Research (RDI Reality Defense Institute). As the investigation progresses, the situation becomes more complex and the book increasingly well known, raising numerous controversies (political, scientific, religious and artistic). Plagued by doubts, the protagonist has to face facts: reality only exists in the imagination of individuals.


40th Hungarian Film Week
Best Cinematography
Best Production Design
Golden Scissors Award
Best Producer
Student jury
Best First Feature Film



Project budget: 700.000 €
Present status of the production: development of screenplay

written and to be directed by András Jeles
producer: Zoltán Kamondi

Sophie spies on a man, Henry B., she has once noticed in the crowd and to whom she was briefly introduced at an exhibition's opening. As he travels to Venice she follows him without a moment's hesitation, planning to become his second shadow. Having arrived in Venice she starts looking for him. Once, in disguise, she notices that someone is spying on her in return. Now it is her who is on the run, not only from her mysterious follower, but from her own self. Weirdly enough, her flight only brings her closer to her true being.


Project budget: 1.700.000 €
Present status of the production: development of screenplay

written by Zsuzsa Rakovszky
adapted by Péter Deres
directed by Eniko Eszenyi

The film narrates the story of a bourgeois girl from the uplands in 17th century Hungary. While the pest
epidemic and combustions decimate the population and the political situation between Catholics and
Lutherans, between Hungarians and Saxons, escalates into a religious war, Orsolya Lehman, a half-orphan, is raised by her father. At his side she experiences all the pains and longings of a girl turning into a woman, looking for her true self. The tight and very close relationship between father and daughter hints at the self-betrayal, the loss of personality and the unconditional dependence that underlies it.


Feature film,  German -Hungarian Coproduction

Projected budget: 2.500.000 €
Present status of the production: financing

written by Attila Lorinczy, Judit Ágnes Kiss, Gergely Péterfy, Zoltán Kamondi
directed by Zoltán Kamondi
producer: Zoltán Kamondi

Ervin, a young dental technician, meets Betty in the aftermath of a tragic accident on the Danube. This lighthearted, bohemian little woman is the complete opposite of Ervin's wife Imola, a Protestant priest. The film is built up like a chamber drama in which two utterly different women, one following the principle of sacrifice, the other the principle of pleasure, fight for the love of a man who is in many ways appealing and refined, yet weak and insecure.

Feature film,  American-Hungarian Coproduction

Projected budget: 39.250.000 $
Present status of the production: financing

written by Eric Goren
produced by : Carlucci Weyant, Eric Goren, Zoltán Kamondi

Homeless people are "disappearing" at an unprecedented rate from the streets of New York City. A determined reporter and a renegade cop must uncover this mysterious and baffling situation without risking losing their lives.

Feature film, Polish-French-Hungarian Coproduction

Projected budget:  12.350.000 €
Present status of the production: financing

Co-produced by: Fundacja Ferdynanda Magellana, CK Productions, Honeymood Films

The life and exploits of Baron Maurice Benyowski, his humanist beliefs and his relationships with women, from his escape from the Kamchatka camp to his death on the island of Madagascar.