Poet, short fiction writer, essayist, playwright, and translator.
Having gained a degree in literature and history from the Teachers' Training College in Pécs, southern Hungary, he stayed on in the city to serve as an editor with the prestigious literary monthly JELENKOR. Since 1986 he has been a freelance writer.

Noted especially for his wry humour and strikingly original style, Parti Nagy first won recognition as a poet, with three volumes of strikingly original verse that displayed a linguistic verve unprecedented in recent Hungarian literature. That reputation has since been consolidated by his work as a playwright and prose-writer. His first play, IBUSHARE (1992), initially produced for radio and subsequently for the stage, has been frequently performed in Hungary, winning him awards as ' Best Playwright ' and for ' Best Play of the Year ' in 1993, and in several other countries. IBUSHAR - MAUSOLEUM, premiered in 1994, is still drawing audiences and critical acclaim at Budapest's Katona Theatre. NO DRUMS OR TRUMPETS (1993), a volume of highly entertaining, short, semi-journalistic pieces, broke new ground in the long-established Hungarian tradition of the feuilleton, whilst the story collection SWELL ON THE BALATON (1994), attracted much admiration. Parti Nagy went on to create the persona of a bluestocking writer, Jolán Sárbogárdi, as pseudonymous author of a parodic novel, THE ANGEL OF THE BODY, (1997), which for Hungarian readers rapidly came to epitomize all kitsch writing. In 1996 he received another national award, the Laurel Wreath, for his lifework.




1982 Bölön award

1990 Déry Tibor prize

1991 Graves award

1992 József Attila award

1992 Puskás Károly award

1993 Szép Ernő jutalom

1993 Theatre Critic’s award

1994 Artisjus award

1995 Soros Foundation Creators award

1996 Theatre Critic’s award

1996 Marble Order of the Writers’ Bookstore

1996 Mikes Kelemen award

1996 Republic of Hungary Laurel Wreath

1997 Alföld award




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